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Qingyun Zheng

Qingyun Zheng


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Qingyun’s research background is rooted in adeno-associated viruses (AAV) and their application to hepatic and retinal diseases. She joined the School of Life Science at Fudan University (Shanghai, China) in 2018 and completed her PhD in 2023. During her doctoral studies, she gained extensive experience in AAV-based gene therapy, including optimizing AAV production to minimize innate immune response, modifying the AAV capsid for improved gene therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma and retinitis pigmentosa, investigating novel promoters for long-term transgene expression in the liver, and exploring iron-responsive cis-regulatory elements (promoter, 5’UTR, and miRNA binding site) within a single vector to achieve inducible transgene expression for safer and more controllable gene therapy applications.  

In 2023, Qingyun joined Professor MacLaren's group, where she is engaged in ongoing research that combines rAAV with mirtron-mediated RNA interference therapy to treat inherited retinal diseases, such as autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa, in preclinical mouse models.