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Ravi Poorun

MBBS DPhil Student

  • Wellcome Trust MBPhD Student
  • <I>King’s College London & University of Oxford</I>

Ravi is currently reading towards a DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences at Balliol College, Oxford. Completing a Joint Honours BSc in Physiology & Pharmacology at King’s College London, he began medical training at Guy’s, King’s College & St. Thomas’ Hospitals Medical School in London.

Having finished his first clinical year of medical school, Ravi was awarded the Wellcome Trust London Pain Consortium MBPhD Studentship to pursue doctoral research within Irene Tracey’s Oxford Pain Imaging Neuroscience (PaIN) Group; part of the Nuffield Division of Anaesthetics and Functional MRI of the Brain Centre at the University of Oxford.

His current research is within the Paediatric and infant Pain & Anaesthesia group (PiPA) and is supervised by Rebeccah Slater on the topic of long-term effects of prematurity on pain and anaesthesia. His principal research interests have to do investigating the development of pain in human infants and children, and how ‘painful’ early-life interventions may alter the normal development of pain processing to change pain sensitivity later in life.