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Richard J. Burman


DPhil Candidate

Levehulme Mandela Rhodes Doctoral Scholar


I completed my undergraduate medical degree at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  Concurrently with my medical studies, I completed both a bachelors and masters in neurophysiology supervised by Dr Joseph Raimondo and supported by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation.  In addition, I conducted clinical research at the Department of Paediatric Neurology at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital under Professor Jo Wilmshurst.  To date, my research has ranged from clinical paediatric epileptology to fundamental cellular neuroscience.  

Research Focus

My current research interest is focussed on mechanisms underlying status epilepticus.  For my DPhil, I am hoping to combine advanced cellular neuroscience techniques with clinical neurophysiology to investigate what substrates are needed to permit self-perpetuating seizures.  This work will be done under the supervision of Professor Colin Akerman (Department of Pharmacology) and Associate Professor Arjune Sen (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience). 

Key publications

More publications