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Salwah Rehman


Clinical Research Fellow

Salwah completed her medical studies from the University of Liverpool. There, her interest in research started early and she also received her Master of Research in Clinical Sciences (MRes) degree with distinction. During her master’s degree she undertook a research project with Professor Colin Willoughby at St Paul’s Eye Unit in The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, evaluating corneal biomechanics and biomechanically corrected intraocular pressure, which has won the North of England Ophthalmology Society summer meeting Best Poster award in 2018. Her work exploring transportation efficacy and clinical outcomes of preloaded keratoplasty grafts for corneal transplantation also won a Best Poster award at the Liverpool National Student Research conference and was published in Cornea in 2019.

Before moving to Oxford to further her experience in research and ophthalmology, Salwah worked as a junior doctor in Greater Manchester at The Royal Bolton Hospital. She is currently working on the ongoing gene therapy trials for choroideremia and RPGR X-linked retinitis pigmentosa under the supervision of Professor Robert MacLaren.