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Samuel Evetts

BSc (Hons), Msc

Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre Biobank Curator

Samuel graduated from Lancaster University with a Masters Degree in Biomedicine with Distinction. He joined the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) in 2010 and manages the OPDC John Radcliffe Hospital laboratory and biobank. We have now recruited over 1500 subjects to the cohort, including over 1000 people with Parkinson's, plus 300 healthy controls and 180 individuals thought to be ‘at-risk’ of developing future Parkinson's. Biobanked samples include serum, plasma, DNA and cerebrospinal fluid. 

Samuel is also actively involved in academic research and involved in genetic screening of all participant DNA to detect rare variants within the cohort; culturing fibroblast cell lines from all biopsied participants for subsequent differentiation into iPSC lines and isolating peripheral blood mononuclear cells from PD patients and healthy controls for downstream experimentation. 

In addition to curating and experimenting on samples, Samuel is also a member of the OPDC Data and Biosample Access Committee, an review panel for deciding suitability for collaboration from researchers that have submitted an application to collaborate with the OPDC.  

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