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Selene (Seoyun) Lee

Research Staff Member

  • 2020 NDCN Public Engagement Ambassador

Selene completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College London and studied Translational Neurology (MRes) at the University College London (Queen Square, Institute of Neurology).

Selene’s DPhil project investigated the biophysical properties of a-synuclein fibrils from PD, PDD, DLB, and MSA patients' brains. She also investigated in vitro seeded fibrils from seeding amplification assay to assess whether they represent the disease-relevant fibrils.

Selene also investigated the diagnostic value of CSF seed amplification assay (SAA) for detecting PD at early prodromal phase and correlating with disease progression. She also researches less-invasive SAA methods using peripheral patient biofluids to diagnose PD. 

Key publications: 

Lee, S.S., Civitelli, L. and Parkkinen, L., 2023. Brain-derived and in vitro-seeded alpha-synuclein fibrils exhibit distinct biophysical profiles. bioRxiv, pp.2023-10.

Poggiolini, I., Gupta, V., Lawton, M., Lee, S., El-Turabi, A., Querejeta-Coma, A., Trenkwalder, C., Sixel-Döring, F., Foubert-Samier, A., Pavy-Le Traon, A. and Plazzi, G., 2022. Diagnostic value of cerebrospinal fluid alpha-synuclein seed quantification in synucleinopathies. Brain145(2), pp.584-595