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Research groups

Research groups

Serena Dillon

DPhil Student

BSc Cognitive Neuroscience with Psychology

MSc Neuropsychology

My research interests involve measuring the cognitive, biological and gait abnormalities associated with neurodegenerative diseases. My main interests lie in Parkinson's disease, Dementia and Huntington's disease.

I currently work for the NeuroMetrology lab, investigating the cognitive, oculomotor and gait impairments in participants with varying stages of Parkinson's disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

Dillon, S, Tsivos, D, Knight, M, McCann, B, Pennington, C, Newson, M, Conway, M, Shiel, A, Kauppinen, R & Coulthard, L, 2017, ‘The impact of ageing reveals distinct roles for human dentate gyrus and CA3 in pattern separation and object recognition memory.’. Scientific Reports.

Knight, MJ, Dillon, S, Jarutyte, L & Kauppinen, RA, 2017, ‘Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Anisotropy: Physical Principles and Uses in Microstructure Imaging’. Biophysical Journal, vol 112., pp. 1517-1528

Knight, M, McCann, B, Tsivos, D, Dillon, S, Coulthard, E & Kauppinen, R, 2016, ‘Quantitative T2 mapping of white matter: applications for ageing and cognitive decline’. Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol 61.

Research groups