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Profile Picture

Stana Orihelova

Finance Assistant (Accounts Receivable)

As part of NDCN’s finance team I manage day-to-day financial administrative activities, particularly with regards to accounts receivable (AR). In addition, I assist with financial reporting and management by running reports and undertaking analysis of the data.

My core responsibilities include:

  • Preparation, distribution and reconciliation of AR invoices
  • Managing recharges ranging from salary recharges, FMRIB scan/IT recharges, BMS recharges to NMO recharges while streamlining the processes
  • Performing journals for the above recharges as well as any other additional general ledger and project adjustments
  • Assisting with quarterly/annual forecasts
  • Processing any ad hoc sales invoice requests
  • Ensuring all documentations such as agreements are accurate and up-to-date

I am relatively new and only joined the NDCN Finance team back in November 2017. The role of Accounts Receivable has been created to ensure that specific tasks are more closely managed. This is my very first job within the University and I look forward to learning University's policies and procedures.