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I am a scientist with a long-standing interest in ocular genetics. My introduction to the field began in the final year of my undergraduate Experimental Pathology degree at the University of Glasgow, in which I examined the expression of the Six gene family in the eye. I continued my research at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology gaining a PhD in Genetics. I am currently a member of the United Kingdom Inherited Retinal Disease Consortium.

Suzanne Broadgate

PhD BSc. (Hons)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Summary

My research focuses on

  • Inherited retinal dystrophies
  • Characterisation of genes that play a role in retinal maintenance and function
  • Diabetic macular oedema

My current research uses next-generation sequencing techniques to identify genes involved in inherited retinal dystrophies and particularly macular dystrophies.

The aim of this study is to identify novel disease-causing genes, to characterise them in the retina and to enhance our understanding of retinal physiology in health and disease.

As a member of the United Kingdom Inherited Retinal Disease Consortium, I analyse whole exome and whole genome sequencing (WES and WGS) data from patients recruited to this study from the Oxford Eye Hospital.

This project aims to provide the patient with a molecular diagnosis, as well as leading to new targets for future therapies. 

Key publications

Recent publications

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