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Syed Ahmar Shah

Postdoctoral Scientist in Experimental Neurology

Syed Ahmar Shah has a strong research portfolio of interdisciplinary research in algorithmic and software development using machine learning and signal processing on biomedical data collected in various clinical settings including data recorded from randomised controlled trials in home monitoring. He joined the ‘Experimental Neurology’ group as a ‘Postdoctoral Scientist’ in August 2015 to work in the domain of Neuroscience focusing on movement disorders using his Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Software development skills to contribute to various exciting projects. His main project related to Brain-Computer Interfacing aims to develop a system that is able to decode force in real-time on a continuous basis using Local Field Potentials with Deep Brain Electrodes recorded from Basal Ganglia. Such a system is anticipated to be of significant importance for prosthetic limb control and fast communication for locked-in patients. 

Prior to joining the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Syed Ahmar Shah worked at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford for 8 years. During this time, he obtained his MSc in Biomedical Engineering, DPhil in Engineering Science focusing on Signal Processing and Machine Learning applied in healthcare and Postdoctoral Researcher working in the space of mHealth. He completed his bachelors in Electronics Engineering in 2006 from GIK Institute, Pakistan. 

He aspires to use his strong engineering background and skills (computational intelligence through signal processing and machine learning) developed through rich experience in a number of inter-disciplinary settings while collaborating with health care professionals, engineers and statisticians to develop impactful solutions

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