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Theresa Anyanwu

Theresa Anyanwu

EDI & Research Culture Co-ordinator

Within my role, I support and co-ordinate activity focused on improving research culture, staff development, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences. This involves planning and co-ordinating research culture and EDI events and initiatives, in addition to reviewing EDI data from various sources.

Alongside this, I work together with various colleagues across the Medical Sciences Division in order to deliver Athena Swan action plan and the renewal of the department's Silver award.

My background is in Psychology, where I studied for an undergraduate and postgraduate degree. Following my education, I worked within the areas of clinical trials and educational assessment. Within my previous role, I was provided with the opportunity to engage with various schools, providing outreach events related to social mobility and career awareness for students.

At the moment, I current sit on and assist in organising the NDCN EDI Committee, NDCN Athena Swan Committee, and the Women in Clinical Neuroscience (WICN) Committee.