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Tiphaine (Tiph) Bouriez-Jones

Laboratory and Facilities Manager and Departmental Safety Officer

I joined NDCN in 2019 as the Lab and Facilities Manager and Departmental Safety Officer. Leading the Facilities Team which support all occupants throughout NDCN, facilitating provisions to ensure smooth running of research operations.

From lab set-up, maintenance and repair of equipment, to guidance with Health and Safety matters, the Facilities Team work closely with staff, students and visitors, monitoring compliance with University policies.

I am also the Departmental Safety Officer and Biological Safety Officer; if you intend to work with Genetically Modified Organisms or need help in risk assessing a new procedure, please send me an email to start the conversation.

I have been in the University since 2002, starting at the bench as a research assistant and progressing to become a laboratory manager in 2007. My background at the bench means that I am always looking for practical solutions to ensure the continuity of research.

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