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Betz cells of the primary motor cortex.

Journal article

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Protocol for tissue processing and paraffin embedding of mouse brains following ex vivo MRI

Journal article

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Journal article

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Detection and quantification of novel C-terminal TDP-43 fragments in ALS-TDP

Journal article

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Quantitative patterns of motor cortex proteinopathy across ALS genotypes

Journal article

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A novel molecular magnetic resonance imaging agent targeting activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule as demonstrated in mouse brain metastasis models

Journal article

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Use of multi-flip angle measurements to account for transmit inhomogeneity and non-Gaussian diffusion in DW-SSFP

Journal article

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with a heterozygous D91A SOD1 variant and classical ALS-TDP neuropathology

Journal article

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LRP10 in α-synucleinopathies

Journal article

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Conference paper

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