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Heidi Johansen-Berg elected a Fellow of the Royal Society

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience has been honoured by the Royal Society by being elected a Fellow for her outstanding contributions to science.

New Associate Professors

NDCN is immensely proud of our colleagues who have been awarded the title of Associate Professor in the latest Recognition of Distinction exercise. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!

Senior Staff Away Day, 9 May 2024


NDCN’s Senior Staff* came together on Thursday 9th May to discuss two important topics: “Thinking about Impact” and “Developing Early Career Researcher careers”.

Risk factors for faster aging in the brain revealed in new study

Clinical Neurology Publication Research

Researchers from the NDCN have used data from UK Biobank participants to reveal that diabetes, traffic-related air pollution and alcohol intake are the most harmful out of 15 modifiable risk factors for dementia.

Russell Foster featured in 100 Faces campaign

Award Ophthalmology SCNi

The campaign which launched on the 15th April 2024 celebrates the stories and achievements of students who were the first in their family to go to university.

The Bubbling Brew and a Cloth of Understanding – My Journey Towards an Autism Diagnosis

An Article for Autism Awareness Month 2024 Written by Theresa Anyanwu, EDI & Research Culture Co-ordinator

Congratulations to Linxin Li

Award Research Stroke & Dementia

Who has been awarded a prestigious fellowship.

World Sleep Day

Clinical Neurology Public engagement SCNi

Friday the 15th March marked World Sleep Day. To celebrate, a team led by Luca Ratti put on a fascinating, interactive public engagement event.

International Women's Day lunch


Investing in women and championing gender equality turbocharges a future where everyone in society can thrive, creating a world of boundless opportunity and empowerment for all.

Patient Safety Commissioner for England visits our simulation centre

Anaesthetics Research Teaching

Dr Henrietta Hughes, the Patient Safety Commissioner for England, visited the Oxford Simulation, Teaching and Research Centre (OxSTaR) at the John Radcliffe Hospital on Friday 16 February.

New study finds Anaesthesia Associates not economically viable

Anaesthetics Research

An in-depth economic analysis by a multi-national research group has concluded that the productivity gained by using Anaesthesia Associates in operating theatres are very modest and do not justify the salaries currently being paid.

Sir Roger Bannister Prize Winners 2024

Award Clinical Neurology Teaching

Congratulations to Alexandra Knighton and Louisa Webb for their success in this year's competition.

New research shows that online testing is effective in detecting cognitive impairments in complex neurological diseases

Clinical Neurology Publication Research

The Cognitive Neurology Research Group at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences has shown that remote digital cognitive testing can detect subtle cognitive impairments in chronic autoimmune limbic encephalitis (ALE) patients.

Research uncovers mechanism behind stubborn memories

MRC BNDU Research

Researchers from the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford and the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences have identified a novel mechanism by which the brain produces powerful lasting memories that drive ill-advised actions. Focusing on cocaine experience, the researchers demonstrate how the collective activity of many nerve cells distributed across the brain underlies the persistence of such memories, providing new insights into why drug-seeking behaviours could lead to addiction.

Research into ancient DNA sheds new light on cause of Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases

Clinical Neurology Research

Research led by scientists at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Bristol and California (Berkeley) reveals the evolutionary origins of multiple sclerosis (MS). This new insight into the genetic architecture of this disease changes scientists’ view of its causes and has implications for its treatment, as well as paving the way for further investigations into other diseases.

New Engagement Ambassadors 2024

Public engagement

We're delighted to introduce our new cohort of engagement ambassadors for 2024.

New research shows that the way the brain learns is different from and better than the way that artificial intelligence systems learn

Clinical Neurology Research

Researchers from the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit and Oxford University's Department of Computer Science have set out a new principle to explain how the brain adjusts connections between neurons during learning.

New MRI research reveals more about the effects of two movement disorders on sensorimotor functional connection

Clinical Neurology Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Our researchers have shown for the first time non-invasively in humans a differential, clinically meaningful impact of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases on the sensorimotor functional connection of the subthalamic nucleus and sensorimotor cortex.

Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging receives engagement award

Award Integrative Neuroimaging Public engagement

The Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging has been awarded the Silver Engage Watermark in recognition of their outstanding commitment to supporting public and community engagement.

Festive Science Image Competition Winner

Clinical Neurology

Winners of the Medical Research Foundation's second Festive Science Image Competition, run in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC), have been announced today.

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