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Sleep disruption after brain injury is linked to slower recovery

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Our researchers discover new evidence that post-brain injury sleep problems can slow the pace of recovery.

Motorsport technology helps keep COVID-19 clinicians safe

Anaesthetics Coronavirus

Staff at our Oxford Simulation,Teaching & Research centre (OxSTaR) helped to develop this new type of aerosol shield designed by Formula One motor racing engineers

Effects of COVID-19 on sleep: Oxford researchers lead international study

Coronavirus Ophthalmology Research SCNi

An international group of researchers led by Professor Colin Espie is investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sleep and daily rhythms in adults.

Oxford leads part of major COVID-19 drugs trial

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

As part of the UK NIHR multi-arm, multi-stage CATALYST Trial, researchers at the University of Oxford will investigate whether administering the anti-inflammatory drug infliximab to patients with COVID-19 can prevent progression to respiratory failure or death.

COVID-19 drug trial could lead to enhanced respiratory care for patients

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

Researchers including Stuart McKechnie and Matthew Rowland from our Critical Care Research Group are carrying out a new drug trial aimed at treating COVID-19, funded by LifeArc.

Seminar Summary: What is the problem with diffusion MR data - and what do we do about it?

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Post-doctoral Researcher Michiel Cottaar summarises a departmental seminar by Associate Professor Jesper Andersson

Professor Russell Foster receives Daylight Award 2020

Award Ophthalmology

On the UNESCO International Day of Light, The Daylight Award announce the 2020 Laureates, including Russell Foster who receives the award for his clinical studies in humans addressing important questions regarding light.

Two professors honoured by Academy of Medical Sciences

Award Clinical Neurology Research

The Academy of Medical Sciences has today announced the election of fifty new Fellows, including Professor David Bennett and Professor Peter Brown.

Using MRI to investigate the effect of COVID-19 on the brain

Coronavirus Integrative Neuroimaging Research

A team of our neuroimaging researchers will lead this study, which has received a grant from the University of Oxford's COVID-19 Research Response Fund.

Studying the impact of COVID-19 on epilepsy

Clinical Neurology Coronavirus Research

NDCN researchers lead a global study based on analysing survey data

Tim Behrens elected Royal Society Fellow

Award Integrative Neuroimaging

Professor Tim Behrens is a new Fellow of the Royal Society.

Using simulated scenarios to train front-line staff in the COVID-19 response

Anaesthetics Coronavirus

The Oxford Simulation, Teaching and Research Centre has been busier than ever during the coronavirus pandemic

Sleep and stress - journal special issue

Ophthalmology Research SCNi

Royal Society Publishing has recently brought out a special issue of 'Interface Focus' on sleep and stress, past and present

A new blood-based test to help predict Parkinson’s disease

Clinical Neurology Research

Research carried out by George Tofaris and his team has led to the development of a new way to test for Parkinson’s disease before the main symptoms occur. This could allow clinicians to identify patients who would benefit from precision therapies that are currently at clinical trial stage.

BRC funds new COVID-19 research projects

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

The NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) has allocated funding to three COVID-19 research projects in an attempt to improve treatment, understand how the virus interacts with chronic diseases, and the longer-term effects of infection on organs.

Seminar Summary: Unravelling the inflammatory neuropathies

Clinical Neurology Event Research

Dr Alexander Davies summarises a departmental seminar by Dr Simon Rinaldi

NHS staff across England get free access to wellbeing apps

Coronavirus Ophthalmology Research SCNi

NHS England has announced a programme to provide NHS staff with evidence-based digital programmes to protect their mental health during the COVID-19 response. The apps are designed to help maintain healthy sleep, and reduce anxiety.

Using wearable technology to monitor COVID-19 patients

Anaesthetics Coronavirus

System being used in John Warin isolation ward at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital

NDCN welcomes the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit

MRC BNDU Research

We are pleased to announce that today the University of Oxford MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit joins the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN) as a sixth division.

Developing a prototype for rapidly deployable ventilator

Anaesthetics Coronavirus

An interdisciplinary team of engineers and medics is addressing ways to increase the UK’s capacity for ventilator manufacture.

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