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World’s largest autism grant will transform research landscape

Clinical Neurology Research

The largest research grant ever given for neurodevelopmental conditions has been awarded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative to an international consortium academically led by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London.

MSc Clinical & Therapeutic Neuroscience: Class 2019/20 Prizes

Award Clinical Neurology

Congratulations to our MSc in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience, Class of 2019/20 for successfully completing the course.

Scientists discover what happens in our brains when we make educated guesses

MRC BNDU Research

Researchers have identified how cells in our brains work together to join up memories of separate experiences, allowing us to make educated guesses in everyday life.

Raised blood pressure and diabetes alter brain structure

Clinical Neurology Research

In a new study, neuroscientists have found that raised blood pressure and diabetes in mid-life alter brain structure to slow thinking speed and memory.

Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship for Yuriko Suzuki

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Dr Suzuki's award will support her work on robust visualisation of blood vessels in patients with vessel-narrowing disease

Scientists uncover the role of neuronal networks in moving between wake and sleep states

Ophthalmology Research

Changes in the way that neurons communicate with each other affect our ability to move between sleep and wake states.

NDCN awarded Athena SWAN Silver Renewal


NDCN has been awarded a renewal of its Athena SWAN Silver Award. This award is a strong endorsement of NDCN’s work to improve gender equality and build a positive research culture.

Recent DPhil student begins fellowship to study causes of motor neuron disease

Clinical Neurology Research

The Medical Research Council has awarded Alexander Thompson a prestigious five-year Lady Edith Wolfson MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship to investigate the causes of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as motor neuron disease, MND).

Professor Robert MacLaren receives Innovation Award

Award Ophthalmology

Professor Robert MacLaren is the winner of the Inspiring Leadership category in the Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Awards 2020 for his work on Nightstar, a retinal gene therapy company.

Seminar Summary: Interventions for improving chronic sleep disruption

Ophthalmology Research

DPhil student Lampros Bisdounis summarises a departmental seminar by Associate Professor Simon Kyle

Six-month outcomes after treatment for COVID-19 on intensive care units in England

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

Researchers at the University of Oxford are investigating the long-term health outcomes for patients who have been treated for severe COVID-19 disease in intensive care. Finding out whether these outcomes differ from those of other patients who have survived critical care will help to inform clinical practice and appropriate follow-up care.

New COVID-19 simulation training for smartphones helps African healthcare workers save lives

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

The University of Oxford's LIFE project has launched a new set of app-based training scenarios that help healthcare workers in Africa safely manage and treat cases of children with suspected COVID-19

Sleep disruption after brain injury is linked to slower recovery

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Our researchers discover new evidence that post-brain injury sleep problems can slow the pace of recovery.

Motorsport technology helps keep COVID-19 clinicians safe

Anaesthetics Coronavirus

Staff at our Oxford Simulation,Teaching & Research centre (OxSTaR) helped to develop this new type of aerosol shield designed by Formula One motor racing engineers

Effects of COVID-19 on sleep: Oxford researchers lead international study

Coronavirus Ophthalmology Research SCNi

An international group of researchers led by Professor Colin Espie is investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sleep and daily rhythms in adults.

Oxford leads part of major COVID-19 drugs trial

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

As part of the UK NIHR multi-arm, multi-stage CATALYST Trial, researchers at the University of Oxford will investigate whether administering the anti-inflammatory drug infliximab to patients with COVID-19 can prevent progression to respiratory failure or death.

COVID-19 drug trial could lead to enhanced respiratory care for patients

Anaesthetics Coronavirus Research

Researchers including Stuart McKechnie and Matthew Rowland from our Critical Care Research Group are carrying out a new drug trial aimed at treating COVID-19, funded by LifeArc.

Seminar Summary: What is the problem with diffusion MR data - and what do we do about it?

Integrative Neuroimaging Research

Post-doctoral Researcher Michiel Cottaar summarises a departmental seminar by Associate Professor Jesper Andersson

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