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Our aim is to understand fundamental biological processes that could inform the development of targeted therapies and innovative biomarkers in neurodegenerative and neurogenetic disorders.

We are investigating disease mechanisms at different levels
We are investigating disease mechanisms at different levels

The group was established by Dr Tofaris in 2013 and aims to investigate cellular and biochemical mechanisms that are a common theme in age-related neurodegenerative and rare neurogenetic disorders. We are using Drosophila and iPSc-derived neurons as model systems and various biochemical assays to understand enzymatic processes that could be targeted for drug therapies. We are especially interested in the ubiquitin pathway by which cells degrade misfolded proteins or damaged organelles. In collaboration with the Department of Chemistry in Oxford, we are developing biomarkers of progression in Parkinson's disease.  We also have collaborative projects within the EU IMI Consortium IMPRiND.


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