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High resolution diffusion imaging in the unfixed post-mortem infant brain at 7T

Journal article

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Protocol for tissue processing and paraffin embedding of mouse brains following ex vivo MRI

Journal article

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FUS-NLS mutation causes neurodevelopmental and systemic metabolic alterations

Journal article

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An open resource combining multi-contrast MRI and microscopy in the macaque brain

Journal article

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Why every lab needs a handbook.

Journal article

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The BigMac Dataset - data for gitlab


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Association of gout with brain reserve and vulnerability to neurodegenerative disease

Journal article

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Telomere length and brain imaging phenotypes in UK Biobank

Journal article

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Thermal Stimulus Task fMRI in the Cervical Spinal Cord at 7 Tesla.

Journal article

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Estimating axial diffusivity in the NODDI model

Journal article

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Post mortem mapping of connectional anatomy for the validation of diffusion MRI.

Journal article

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Model-based dynamic off-resonance correction for improved accelerated fMRI in awake behaving nonhuman primates.

Journal article

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