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Do you ever wonder if anyone in the Department is using a research technique you would like to learn? Are you curious to discover people in NDCN working on a similar topic to yours?

We’ve set up a board near Seminar Room C on Level 6 of the West Wing to encourage a friendly research community in NDCN through open communication and collaboration. You can use the board to ask questions, network and propose solutions – the options are limitless. Check the boards regularly to see what’s happening!

Examples of how you might use the board:


  1. I’m currently working on Technique A. Does anyone else work in similar area? Happy to work together.
  2. I’m struggling to use Statistical Package B. Can anyone offer help or point me to any training?
  3. I’d like to create a network of people working on an ethical approval application in normal healthy participants. Who would be interested in organising a meeting?
  4. A few of us are going to the White Hart for drinks and dinner. Feel free to join us at 6:30pm outside the lifts.
  5. I am looking for a co-author to write a physiology review on .......
  6. I am looking/offering a flatshare......


The following ground rules apply: 


  1. You can share email addresses on the board for correspondence but not phone numbers.
  2. You can share your ideas or questions anonymously if you like – and check the board for answers.
  3. Do not use any discriminatory or offensive language, and be sensitive and thoughtful about what you share.
  4. Do not direct any comments made on the board towards particular individuals.
  1. Do not replace or alter other people’s comments (the board will be refreshed by NDCN’s Facilities Team Manager Sally Franklin and/or Arun Joseph on a monthly basis.
  2. If you have any suggestions for specific topics, or any questions about the board, please direct these to or