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Committees and working groups

Our committees and working groups play key roles in the Department’s governance. Service on these groups is not only an important component of individual professional development, but also a mechanism for members of the Department to share unique perspectives and expertise on a broad range of issues.

NDCN is a large, diverse department, and these groups help amplify the voices of all members of our community. Senior leadership value and rely on reporting from committees and working groups as one mechanism to ensure a wide range of views are considered, and that high level decision making is inclusive, reflecting the needs of all.

Committee/Working Group (with PDF Terms of Reference) Chair

Senior Management Group

Members: Olaf Ansorge, Chrystalina Antoniades, David Bennett, Holly Bridge, Susan Downes, David Dupret, Andrew Farmery, Russell Foster, Michele Hu, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Peter Magill, Karla Miller, Kyle Pattinson, Peter Rothwell, George Tofaris, Ben Seymour, Louise Silver, Stephen Smith, Charlotte Stagg

Kevin Talbot

Strategy Group

Members: David Bennett, Andrew Farmery, Russell Foster, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Peter Magill, Peter Rothwell 

Kevin Talbot

Finance Committee (PDF)

Members: Paul McNulty, Kevin Talbot, Deirdre Newman, Kate Attfield, Aarti Jagannath, Peter Watkinson, Huiling Tan, Stuart Clare

George Tofaris

People and Culture Committee (PDF)

Members: Ben Seymour, Aarti Jagannath

Ben Seymour 

Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (PDF)

Members: Carol Delamere, Jasmine Gan, Helen Higham, Sara Mazzuco, Deirdre Newman, Mandy Tseng, Bernd Taschler, Moira Westwood, Wenchuan Wu

Ben Seymour and Aarti Jagannath

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (PDF)

Members: Carol Delamere, Maddie Welland, Beatriz Silveira de Arruda, Claire Bratley, Linxin Li, Jaideep Pandit, Melanie Alexis-Butler, Hayriye Cagnan

Karla Miller

Research Culture Working Group (PDF)

NB This group is currently recruiting members. If you would like to join it, please fill in this application form and return it to

Stuart Peirson

Clinical Neurosciences Society (PDF)

Members: Georgios Baskozos, Pao-Sheng Chang, Clemence Ligneul, Jimena Perez Sanchez, Chor Lai Lam, Helen Johnson, Akudziwe Mawere, Sarah Schreiber, Alice Clare, Niki Andrew, Eva Sierra Silvestre, Hanna Sjoberg, Wenqianglong Li, Ioana Grigoras, Matthew Weightman, Rebecca Willis, Ahmed Salman, Anna Verghese, Jishi John, Sophia Basarrate

Maddalena Comini, Adham Farah and Danielle Hewitt 

Health and Safety Committee (PDF)

See list of members

Kevin Talbot

Graduate Studies Committee (PDF)

Members: Simon Kyle, Lampros Bisdounis, Eve Rakiec, Alistair Webb, Annina Schmid, Hayriye Cagnan, Nathalie Voets, Sumathi Sekaran, Kyle Pattinson

Chrystalina Antoniades

Engagement and Impact Committee (PDF)

Members: Niki Andrew, Yin Dong, Rachel Sharman, Martin Turner, Martyn Ezra, Mary Sneade, Carinne Piekema

Holly Bridge
Green Impact Team (Join Microsoft Team with code d2ay5jp) Niki Andrew

Open Data and Information Governance Working Group

Members: Louise Silver, Karoline Wartolowska, Rafal Bogacz, Raja Jayaram, Ben Micklem, Duncan Mortimer, Stuart Clare, Andreas Themistocleous

James Lee

NDCN MAIN Committee/Working group Structure


Graphic showing committee structure. If you require an accessible version, contact