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PhD Students

James Meakin, Funding: CRUK, 2009- (Co-supervised with Dr Thomas Brunner in Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology)

Konstantinos Papoutsis, Funding: Dept of Engineering Scholarship, 2010- (Co-supervised with Dr Jamie Near and Dept of Engineering)

Clark Lemke, Self funded, 2011- (Co-supervised with Dr Jamie Near)

Matt Rowland, MRC Clinical Research Fellowship, 2011- (Co-supervised with Dr Kyle Pattinson)

Post Docs

Alex Gardener, Funding: MRC Project Grant, 2009-Present

Linqing Li, Funding: Oxford NIHR BRC, 2009-Present

Michael Kelly, Funding: Oxford NIHR BRC, 2010-Present

Jamie Near, Funding: MRC, 2008-Present

Tom Okell, Funding: Dunhill Medical Trust, 2011-Present

Nic Blockley, Funding: Stroke Association and Dunhill Medical Trust, 2011-Present