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NDCN is a widely spread department, occupying space on the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR) site, but also with staff and students hosted in University premises.

The Facilities team is based in the JR West Wing and provides efficient and effective support to ensure the continuity of the research carried out in the Department. Our team directly manage services for Level 5 and Level 6 of the West Wing as well as FMRIB and the Wolfson building on the JR site.

induction and access

All new starters must attend the Departmental Welcome, as well as a local safety induction specific to local buildings if access is required.

Find out more on our induction and access page.

West Wing access: OUH ID card application form

Reporting a problem

For urgent matters, please call the on call phone on 07 521 161 549

For non urgent matters, please complete this 'Reporting a problem' online form.

IT set-up

Need to set up your Single Sign On or access the network? Looking for IT support?

Please look at our IT set-up pages to find a solution.

Booking a meeting room

NDCN uses an online calendar 'Calpendo'. In order to view availability of rooms, please look at our meeting room page.

POST AND Deliveries

JR deliveries are centralised to limit the circulation in the hospital. To find out our arrangements for post and collection, please look at our post and delivery page.


Security services arrangements depend on the location of your work. Please refer to our Security page to find out more.

There you will also find emergency contact number and essential information relating to Security.