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Chrystalina Antoniades - A/Professor of Clinical Neuroscience

 Chrystalina Antoniades

Chair & Director of Graduate Studies

Leen Van Broeck - Academic Administration Manager

Leen Van Broeck

Academic Administration Manager

Graduate Studies Committee 

The Graduate Studies Committee meet termly and is responsible for all graduate affairs in the Department and exists to advise and assist the Director of Graduate Studies and Head of Department on the development, delivery, and monitoring of all aspects of graduate studies.


  • Chair & Director of Graduate Studies: Chrystalina Antoniades
  • Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia (CPSD): Wellcome Trust CRCD Fellow/Consultant Neurologist Alastair Webb
  • Division of Clinical Neurology (DCN): vacant
  • MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit (MRC BNDU): Associate Professor Hayriye Cagnan
  • Nuffield Division of Anaesthetics (NDA): Consultant Anaesthetist and Associate Professor Kyle Pattinson
  • Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology (NLO): Senior Research Scientist Sumathi Sekaran
  • Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN): Research Fellow Natalie Voets
  • Student representative: Lampros Bisdounis
  • In attendance: Academic Administration Officer: Katharine Ware