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A collection of videos, audio, and news links from collaborators in the Oxford Stroke Recovery Research Hub


Listen to this podcast in which Charlie Stagg discusses non-invasive brain stimulation techniques used to understand how the brain adapts to new challenges in the recovery of motor function after stroke

Increasing Accessibility for Stroke Patients

Read about an international collaboration which explores new technology to increase accessibility for stroke patients

Future Makers, S4E1 Listen to this podcast in which Heidi Johansen-Berg and Jenny Clarke discuss brain injury and rehabilitation with Belinda Lennox
Sleep After Stroke Watch an update from the Plasticity Group on their sleep after stroke research
Alzheimer's Research UK Watch Yvonne Couch talk about her research into understanding how strokes increase the risk of vascular dementia
Focus on Rehabilitation in Stroke Watch an In Conversation Interview between Nele Demeyere and Michelle Long on post-stroke cognition for NHS SE "Focus on rehabilitation in stoke"
The Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS) Watch Nele Demeyere's talk for The Florey Institute Stroke Seminars, about why the OCS was developed, what it is, and how it tries to bridge research and practice in assessing post-stroke cognition
Experience of Research After Stroke Watch Trevor, a stroke survivor, present his experience of being involved in research
2 Minute Medicine Read about digital cognitive behavioural therapy improving insomnia symptoms in stroke survivors