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Oxford has established a powerful partnership with Quinnipiac University and Trinity Health Of New England, Hartford, USA to revolutionise the delivery of clinical care, research, and education in neuro-rehabilitation in Oxford and become a world-leading centre of excellence in restorative neuroscience. Oxford is a leading centre for basic and translational research, which complements Quinnipiac's expertise in multidisciplinary comprehensive care and neuro-rehabilitation. Phase one of the Oxford-Quinnipiac partnership, worth $3 million USD, funds a five-year programme consisting of the following: 1. Medical student exchange programme - students from Oxford Medical School and Quinnipiac's Netter School of Medicine have the opportunity to visit each other's universities and hospital systems to enhance learning 2. Clinical Research Fellowships - a research fellow at each site to enhance delivery of care and to engage in cutting edge translational research in multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions 3. Research infrastructure - funds are ring fenced to support discovery translation neuroscience in multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease

Oxford Principal Investigator - Prof Gabriele De Luca

Quinnipiac/Trinity Health Of New England Principal Investigator - Dr Mary Bailey


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