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PhD Students

Patricia Figuierdeo, Funding: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (PRAXIS XX1), 1998-2003 (now Assistant Professor, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal)

James Wilson, Funding: MRC Studentship, 1999-2003 (now teacher, Exeter School, Exeter)

Rita Nunes, Funding: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, 2001-2005 (Co-supervised with Dr Stuart Clare; now IBEB, University of Lisbon)

Peter Chiarelli, Funding: Rhodes Trust, 2003-2006 (Co-supervised with Dr Daniel Bulte; now Harvard Medical School)

Daniel Gallichan, Funding: EPSRC LSI-DTC, 2003-2007 (Co-supervised with Dr Mark Woolrich; now EPFL Lausanne)

Hannah Devlin, Funding: MRC Studentship, 2004-2007 (now science writer, The Times)

Jingyi Xie, Funding: GSK, 2005-2009 (now working for Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen)

Molly Bright, Funding: NIH Graduate Partnership Programme, 2006-2010 (Co-supervised with Dr Jeff Duyn, NIH; now at CUBRIC, University of Cardiff)

Tom Okell, Funding: MRC Studentship and Dept of Health Training Grant, 2007-2010 (now post doc at FMRIB Centre)

Hendrikus (Rob) Tijssen, Funding: MRC Studentship, GSK and private donation, 2007-2011 (Co-supervised with Dr Karla Miller; now Netherlands health service)

Robert Frost, Funding: MRC Studentship, 2008-2012 (Co-supervised with Dr Karla Miller; now post doc, University of Oxford)

Post Docs

Allen Song, Funding: NIH, 1995-1997 (now Professor at Duke University, North Carolina)

Stuart Clare, Funding: MRC Programme Grant, 1997-2003 (now Chief Physicist, FMRIB Centre)

Marcello Alecci, Funding: EU Biomed II, 1998-2001 (now Associate Professor, University of L'Aquila, Italy)

Marzena Wylezinska-Arridge, Funding: GSK and MRC Programme Grant, 1999-2006 (now Imperial College London)

Markus Weiger, Funding: EU Marie Curie Award, 2001 (now Bruker Biospin)

Nigel Davies, Funding: MRC Project and Programme Grant, 2000-2004 (now University Hospital Birmingham)

John Evans, Funding: MRC Programme Grant, 2004-2007 (now staff scientist, CUBRIC, University of Cardiff)

Karla Miller, Funding: GSK and EPSRC/RAE Fellowship, 2004-2006 (now Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, FMRIB Centre)

Daniel Bulte, Funding: MRC Programme Grant, 2003-2008 (now EPSRC Career Development Fellow, FMRIB Centre)

Stefan Piechnik, Funding MRC Programme Grant, 2005-2008 (now NIHR BRC post-doctoral fellow, Oxford)

Brad MacIntosh, Funding: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2007-2009 (now Assistant Professor at Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Toronto)

Manus Donahue, Funding: Dunhill Medical Trust, 2008-2010 (now Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, Tenessee)

Jingyi Xie, Funding: Pain Group and Stroke Association, 2009-2011 (now working for Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen)

Undergraduate Students (MPhys and visiting interns)

Barnaby Watson, MPhys project student, 1999

Florence Williams, MPhys project student, 2000

Clare Hindley, MPhys project student, 2001

Karla Miller, Visiting summer student (Stanford), 2001

Katherine Fraser, MPhys project student, 2002

Alex Pocock, MPhys project student, 2004

Christopher Lumb, MPhys project student, 2005

Jamie Ballin, MPhys project student, 2006

Lizet Barry, Visiting intern student, Eindhoven University 2006

Rob Tijssen, Visiting intern student, Eindhoven University 2006

Rebecca Jeffrey, BA Project Student, 2011