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NDCN is committed to good information governance, and all members of our departmental community are expected to adhere to best practices in data security and privacy, as outlined in the University Information Security Policy and Medical Sciences Division Information Governance Policy. Each individual is responsible for understanding and acting on their information governance responsibilities, and we are here to help.


As part of compliance with UK data protection legislation, everyone is required to complete the mandatory Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness training course annually.


Each individual also has a responsibility to report any suspected data breaches. The Information Security team has more information about reporting a breach.


The University has many resources to help you:

The Information Security website connects you with guidance, policy, and information security services.

The Research Data Oxford website provides guidance on research data management, storage, and sharing.

The Medical Sciences Division has links to key University policies, a section on Information Security FAQs and links to additional University IT security resources.

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