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How to play the games from the 2016 Oxfordshire Science Festival.

Watch the adventures of Ossie in 'A spin around the brain' to learn what different parts of the brain do before playing snap with your friends.
If you want to know more about the brain then why not try these worksheets.



For two or more players
Deal out all the cards, face-down. The player to the left of the dealer takes their top card, turns it over and places it face up in their own pile. Continue until a player notices that two cards have the same picture or a picture that matches with its brain activity. That player shouts “Snap!” The winner receives all the cards in both of the matched piles and adds them to the bottom of the pile in their hands. The winner is the player who ends up with all the cards.

Memory Match

For one or more players
Lay out all the cards, face down on the table or floor in front of you. In turn, each player turns over two cards. If the pictures match or the picture matches with its brain activity then the player keeps this pair. Otherwise they turn the cards back over again. The next player then does the same, and the game continues until all cards have been matched.

To make the game harder, only pick up the matching pairs if the picture matches with its brain activity and not if the pictures themselves match.