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beacon therapeutics

Beacon Therapeutics is an ophthalmic gene therapy company founded to restore and improve the vision of patients with a range of prevalent and rare retinal diseases that result in blindness.

Circadian therapeutics

Circadian Therapeutics develops products that target serious diseases associated with circadian rhythm disruption.

Human-Centric Drug Discovery

Human-Centric Drug Discovery integrates clinical health record informatics, disease- and therapy-relevant human cellular assays and genomics to ensure that the nominated targets for drug discovery have robust validation.

Neu health

Neu Health builds on 10 years of research and clinical validation by neurologists neuroscientists and data scientists from the University of Oxford, with the concept having been trialled and validated successfully in over 1,500 participants, and described in international, peer reviewed publications. Its smartphone-based platform and patient programme is designed to monitor and translate digital measures of clinically relevant symptoms – optimising condition management, reducing clinician burden and ultimately improving outcomes.