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Four students were placed in our department as part of the In2Science programme this summer.

in2scienceUK is an award winning charity which empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds on their journey into research careers through work placements.

This year, our Department welcomed four students who each spent a week or so working alongside researchers in our neuroscience labs.

Pictured above is Iulia Blesnaec (centre) from our Neural Injury Group, with students Eleanor Brown and Kelvin Ampong. They learnt about the research that Iulia is doing on genetic risk factors for developing neuropathic pain. 

In2ScienceWINIn their second week, Ellie and Kelvin were joined by Alexandra Davies. They spent time in our Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging with researchers Romina Mariano, Aislin Sheldon and Ondrej Zika. In this picture they're matching 3-D printed brains to their species (the stuffed animals!).

Alex's first week involved scanning fruit in the MRI scanner with researcher Mark Chiew.

Emily Kyle spent her week with our Breathe Oxford Group, finding out about the connections between the brain and breathlessness.

She says: 'Over the week I gained so much knowledge and enjoyed learning about things I didn’t even know were possible. Neuroscience has always fascinated me and now with everything I have taken from this experience I am excited to look further into neuroscience and maybe even write my own paper!'

Read more in her blog post.