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INTRODUCTION: To establish the level of confidence amongst UK ophthalmology specialist registrars (residents) in managing posterior capsule rupture (PCR) during cataract surgery. METHODS: An online nine-item questionnaire was distributed to all registrars, recruited nationwide via regional representatives. Data collected included stage of training, number of completed cataract operations, cumulative PCR rate, number of PCRs independently managed, understanding of vitrectomy settings and fluidic parameters and access to simulation. Respondents self-evaluated their confidence in managing PCR with vitreous loss. RESULTS: Complete responses were obtained from 248 registrars (35% response rate). Mean number of phacoemulsification procedures performed was 386. For senior registrars (OST 6-7), 35 out of 70 (50%) felt confident to manage PCR independently and 55 out of 70 (78.6%) were either quite confident or very confident at deciding when to implant an intraocular lens during PCR management. Lower confidence levels were noted for junior trainees (OST 1-2). Over 65% of survey respondents had access to relevant simulation. CONCLUSIONS: Our results represent the largest UK survey analysing the confidence of PCR management amongst registrars. Confidence improves with duration of training and increased exposure to management of PCR. However, 50% of senior registrars still lacked confidence to independently manage PCR and vitreous loss. A specific competency-based framework, potentially using a simulator or simulating a PCR event, incorporated into the curriculum may be desirable.

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Journal article


Ophthalmol Ther

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Cataract surgery, Complications, Phacoemulsification, Simulation, Training, Vitrectomy, Vitreous loss