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Reliability of a clinical sensory test battery in patients with spine‐related leg and arm pain

Journal article

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Higher densities of T-lymphocytes in the subsynovial connective tissue of people with carpal tunnel syndrome

Journal article

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The Molecular Signature of Neuropathic Pain in a Human Model System


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Neanderthal introgression in SCN9A impacts mechanical pain sensitivity.

Journal article

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Inter- and intra-rater-reliability of a clinical framework for spine-related neck-arm pain.

Journal article

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Early surgery for sciatica.

Journal article

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Types and Concentrations of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Adults With Peripheral Neuropathies

Journal article

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The power of integrating data: advancing pain research using meta-analysis

Journal article

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Does your bedside neurological examination for suspected peripheral neuropathies measure up?

Journal article

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Not being able to measure what is important, does not make things we can measure important

Journal article

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Shared genetic susceptibility between trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome: a genome-wide association study

Journal article

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