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Active cortical networks promote shunting fast synaptic inhibition in vivo.

Journal article

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Association of Dementia Risk With Focal Epilepsy and Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Journal article

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Rare Genetic Variation and Outcome of Surgery for Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Journal article

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Incidence of Epilepsy and Seizures Over the First 6 Months After a COVID-19 Diagnosis

Journal article

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Editorial: Epilepsy in older adults: From physiopathology to improvements in diagnosis and management

Journal article

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Epilepsy in Older Persons.

Journal article

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Parallel Session 2: Neurodegeneration| Wed 18 May, 1115 – 1230|4 Novel complex motor behaviours in LGI1-autoantibody encephalitis

Conference paper

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Epilepsies in children, young people, and adults: summary of updated NICE guidance.

Journal article

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Inequalities in specialist care for people with epilepsy in the UK

Journal article

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Author Correction: Why won't it stop? The dynamics of benzodiazepine resistance in status epilepticus.

Journal article

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