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Vascular disease and multiple sclerosis: a post-mortem study exploring their relationships.

Journal article

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Leading with inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal article

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The role of pontine lesion location in differentiating multiple sclerosis from vascular risk factor-related small vessel disease.

Journal article

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Distinct influence of different vascular risk factors on white matter brain lesions in multiple sclerosis.

Journal article

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CLIPPERS: A case report with radiology, three serial biopsies and a literature review

Journal article

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Approach to the patient with neurologic disease


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Sir Hugh Cairns: a pioneering collaborator

Journal article

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Invited Review: From nose to gut – the role of the microbiome in neurological disease

Journal article

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Multiple sclerosis and the risk of systemic venous thrombosis: A systematic review

Conference paper

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Rapamycin in ischemic stroke: Old drug, new tricks?

Journal article

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Contribution of Fibrinogen to Inflammation and Neuronal Density in Human Traumatic Brain Injury

Journal article

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Genes, smoking, and organic solvent exposure

Journal article

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Comparing and Contrasting the Approach to Advance Care Planning in Multiple Sclerosis


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Much, if not all, of the cortical damage in MS can be attributed to the microglial cell – Commentary

Journal article

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The role of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response following cerebral ischemia

Journal article

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