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Emergencies in general practice: could checklists support teams in stressful situations?

Journal article

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In situ deteriorating patient simulation in general practice.

Journal article

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Simulation past, present and future—a decade of progress in simulation-based education in the UK

Journal article

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The role of ASPiH in simulation-based education

Journal article

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Developing a measure to assess the quality of care transitions for older people.

Journal article

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Taming 'biggish' data

Journal article

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Nerve block site marking.

Journal article

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To err is human: use of simulation to enhance training and patient safety in anaesthesia

Journal article

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Go/no-go decision in anaesthesia: wide variation in risk tolerance amongst anaesthetists

Journal article

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Preoperative fast heart rate: a harbinger of perioperative adverse cardiac events

Journal article

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Response to letter from Youngsonet al

Journal article

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Perioperative Beta-Blockade, the Pros and Cons. The Story of Beta-Blockade and Cardiac Protection


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Beta-blockade and other perioperative pharmacological protectors: what is now available and efficacious?

Journal article

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Surgical training in Saudi Arabia: Trainees' perspectives and the role of simulation

Journal article

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