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Bioengineering strategies for restoring vision.

Journal article

Cehajic-Kapetanovic J. et al, (2022), Nat Biomed Eng

First-In-Human Robot-Assisted Subretinal Drug Delivery Under Local Anaesthesia A Randomised Clinical Trial.

Journal article

Cehajic-Kapetanovic J. et al, (2021), Am J Ophthalmol

Flying baby optical coherence tomography alters the staging and management of advanced retinopathy of prematurity

Journal article

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Microperimetry Hill of Vision and Volumetric Measures of Retinal Sensitivity.

Journal article

Josan AS. et al, (2021), Translational vision science & technology, 10, 12 - 12

Clinical applications of microperimetry in RPGR ‐related retinitis pigmentosa: a review

Journal article

Buckley TMW. et al, (2021), Acta Ophthalmologica

Genome-Editing Strategies for Treating Human Retinal Degenerations

Journal article

Quinn J. et al, (2021), Human Gene Therapy, 32, 247 - 259

AAV Induced Expression of Human Rod and Cone Opsin in Bipolar Cells of a Mouse Model of Retinal Degeneration

Journal article

McClements ME. et al, (2021), BioMed Research International, 2021, 1 - 8

A universal protocol for isolating retinal ON bipolar cells across species via fluorescence-activated cell sorting

Journal article

Murenu E. et al, (2021), Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development

CRISPR genome engineering for retinal diseases


Kantor A. et al, (2021), Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science

Early Cone Photoreceptor Outer Segment Length Shortening in <b><i>RPGR</i></b> X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa

Journal article

Menghini M. et al, (2021), Ophthalmologica, 244, 281 - 290

Optogenetic Gene Therapy for the Degenerate Retina: Recent Advances

Journal article

McClements ME. et al, (2020), Frontiers in Neuroscience, 14

Highest reported visual acuity after electronic retinal implantation

Journal article

Cehajic Kapetanovic J. et al, (2020), Acta Ophthalmologica, 98, 736 - 740

Association of a Novel Intronic Variant in RPGR With Hypomorphic Phenotype of X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa

Journal article

Cehajic-Kapetanovic J. et al, (2020), JAMA Ophthalmology

Low‐contrast visual acuity versus low‐luminance visual acuity in choroideremia

Journal article

Wood LJ. et al, (2020), Clinical and Experimental Optometry

A novel homozygous c.67C>T variant in retinol binding protein 4 (RBP4) associated with retinitis pigmentosa and childhood acne vulgaris

Journal article

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Initial results from a first-in-human gene therapy trial on X-linked retinitis pigmentosa caused by mutations in RPGR

Journal article

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Perspectives on Gene Therapy: Choroideremia Represents a Challenging Model for the Treatment of Other Inherited Retinal Degenerations

Journal article

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RPGR gene therapy presents challenges in cloning the coding sequence

Journal article

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Monitoring progression of retinitis pigmentosa: current recommendations and recent advances.

Journal article

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