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Confound modelling in UK Biobank brain imaging.

Journal article

Alfaro-Almagro F. et al, (2021), Neuroimage, 224

Use of multi-flip angle measurements to account for transmit inhomogeneity and non-Gaussian diffusion in DW-SSFP

Journal article

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Confound modelling in UK Biobank brain imaging


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White matter structure and myelin-related gene expression alterations with experience in adult rats

Journal article

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Modelling an equivalent b-value in diffusion-weighted steady-state free precession

Journal article

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Improved statistical efficiency of simultaneous multi-slice fMRI by reconstruction with spatially adaptive temporal smoothing

Journal article

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Estimation of brain age delta from brain imaging.

Journal article

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White matter changes in the perforant path area in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Journal article

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A 3D k-space Fourier encoding and reconstruction framework for simultaneous multi-slab acquisition.

Journal article

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Joint modelling of diffusion MRI and microscopy

Journal article

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Diffusion Acceleration with Gaussian process Estimated Reconstruction (DAGER)

Journal article

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The spatial correspondence and genetic influence of interhemispheric connectivity with white matter microstructure

Journal article

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