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No Evidence of Systemic Inflammation in Symptomatic Patients With Femoroacetabular Impingement

Journal article

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Breathlessness and the brain: The role of expectation

Journal article

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Effect of nitrite on the electroencephalographic activity in the healthy brain

Journal article

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The midbrain periaqueductal gray as an integrative and interoceptive neural structure for breathing.

Journal article

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Calcium channel blockade with nimodipine reverses MRI evidence of cerebral oedema following acute hypoxia

Journal article

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Sertraline or placebo in chronic breathlessness? Lessons from placebo research.

Journal article

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Cortical processing of breathing perceptions in the athletic brain

Journal article

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Adverse respiratory effects of opioids for chronic breathlessness: learning lessons from chronic pain

Journal article

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Chronic breathlessness: re-thinking the symptom

Journal article

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Breathlessness and the body: Neuroimaging clues for the inferential leap

Journal article

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Opioids decrease the unpleasantness of dyspnoea via actions in the medial prefrontal cortex

Conference paper

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Treating breathlessness via the brain: changes in brain activity over a course of pulmonary rehabilitation

Journal article

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Opioid suppression of conditioned anticipatory brain responses to breathlessness

Journal article

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Electroencephalographic Response to Sodium Nitrite May Predict Delayed Cerebral Ischemia After Severe Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Journal article

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