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Genetics of self-reported risk-taking behaviour, trans-ethnic consistency and relevance to brain gene expression

Journal article

Strawbridge RJ. et al, (2018), Translational Psychiatry, 8

D-Amino Acid Oxidase Inhibition: A New Glutamate Twist for Clozapine Augmentation in Schizophrenia?

Journal article

Harrison PJ., (2018), Biological Psychiatry, 84, 396 - 398

Host–parasite interaction associated with major mental illness

Journal article

Kano S-I. et al, (2018), Molecular Psychiatry

The Emerging Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder

Journal article

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The effects of improving sleep on mental health (OASIS): a randomised controlled trial with mediation analysis

Journal article

Freeman D. et al, (2017), The Lancet Psychiatry, 4, 749 - 758

CASPR2 autoantibodies are raised during pregnancy in mothers of children with mental retardation and disorders of psychological development but not autism

Journal article

Coutinho E. et al, (2017), Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 88, 718 - 721

ZNF804A : Insights From the First Genome-wide Significant Schizophrenia Gene

Journal article

Harrison PJ., (2017), Biological Psychiatry, 82, 6 - 7

Serum neuronal cell-surface antibodies in first-episode psychosis–Authors' reply


Lennox BR. et al, (2017), The Lancet Psychiatry, 4, 187 - 188

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