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Reassessing associations between white matter and behaviour with multimodal microstructural imaging

Journal article

Lazari A. et al, (2021), Cortex, 145, 187 - 200

A triple-network organization for the mouse brain

Journal article

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Multimodal Imaging Brain Markers in Early Adolescence Are Linked with a Physically Active Lifestyle

Journal article

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Developments in diffusion MRI and tractography to study language network alterations following very preterm birth

Journal article

Salvan P. and Nosarti C., (2018), F1000Research, 7, 240 - 240

Language ability in preterm children is associated with arcuate fasciculi microstructure at term

Journal article

Salvan P. et al, (2017), Human Brain Mapping, 38, 3836 - 3847

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