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Predicting the effects of deep brain stimulation using a reduced coupled oscillator model.

Journal article

Weerasinghe G. et al, (2019), PLoS Comput Biol, 15

Predicting beta bursts from local field potentials to improve closed-loop DBS paradigms in Parkinson’s patients

Conference paper

Moraud EM. et al, (2018), 2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

Time-varying decision boundaries: insights from optimality analysis

Journal article

Malhotra G. et al, (2018), Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 25, 971 - 996

Dendritic Integration of Sensory Evidence in Perceptual Decision-Making

Journal article

Groschner LN. et al, (2018), Cell, 173, 894 - 905.e13

Mechanisms Underlying Decision-Making as Revealed by Deep-Brain Stimulation in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Journal article

Herz DM. et al, (2018), Current Biology, 28, 1169 - 1178.e6

Selective Effects of the Loss of NMDA or mGluR5 Receptors in the Reward System on Adaptive Decision-Making

Journal article

Cieślak PE. et al, (2018), eneuro, 5, ENEURO.0331 - 18.2018


Journal article


Overcoming indecision by changing the decision boundary.

Journal article

Malhotra G. et al, (2017), Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146, 776 - 805

An Approximation of the Error Backpropagation Algorithm in a Predictive Coding Network with Local Hebbian Synaptic Plasticity

Journal article

Whittington JCR. and Bogacz R., (2017), Neural Computation, 29, 1229 - 1262

The Cognitive Role of the Globus Pallidus interna; Insights from Disease States

Journal article

Gillies MJ. et al, (2017), Experimental Brain Research, 235, 1455 - 1465

A tutorial on the free-energy framework for modelling perception and learning

Journal article

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Learning Reward Uncertainty in the Basal Ganglia

Journal article

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Neuroscience: Impaired Decision-Making in Parkinson’s Disease

Journal article

Herz DM. et al, (2016), Current Biology, 26, R671 - R673

Properties of Neurons in External Globus Pallidus Can Support Optimal Action Selection

Journal article

Bogacz R. et al, (2016), PLOS Computational Biology, 12, e1005004 - e1005004

Neural Correlates of Decision Thresholds in the Human Subthalamic Nucleus

Journal article

Herz DM. et al, (2016), Current Biology, 26, 916 - 920

Action initiation shapes mesolimbic dopamine encoding of future rewards

Journal article

Syed ECJ. et al, (2016), Nature Neuroscience, 19, 34 - 36

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