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Patient fibroblast circadian rhythms predict lithium sensitivity in bipolar disorder

Journal article

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Ebselen has lithium-like effects on central 5-HT2A receptor function

Journal article

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The genetics of circadian rhythms, sleep and health

Journal article

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Circadian rhythms and metabolism: from the brain to the gut and back again

Journal article

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Effects of the potential lithium-mimetic, ebselen, on impulsivity and emotional processing

Journal article

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Effect of the Putative Lithium Mimetic Ebselen on Brain Myo-Inositol, Sleep, and Emotional Processing in Humans

Journal article

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Discovery of Novel GPVI Receptor Antagonists by Structure-Based Repurposing

Journal article

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Characterization of NAADP-mediated calcium signaling in human spermatozoa

Journal article

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Discovery of novel GPVI receptor antagonists by structure-based repurposing.

Journal article

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The CRTC1-SIK1 Pathway Regulates Entrainment of the Circadian Clock

Journal article

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A safe lithium mimetic for bipolar disorder

Journal article

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Treatment of bipolar disorder


Geddes JR. and Miklowitz DJ., (2013)

Shape-Based Reprofiling of FDA-Approved Drugs for the H1 Histamine Receptor

Journal article

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