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Aneuploidy effects on human gene expression across three cell types.

Journal article

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Global proteomic analysis of extracellular matrix in mouse and human brain highlights relevance to cerebrovascular disease.

Journal article

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Common transcriptional signatures of neuropathic pain

Journal article

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Targeted RNA sequencing enhances gene expression profiling of ultra-low input samples

Journal article

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Patient fibroblast circadian rhythms predict lithium sensitivity in bipolar disorder

Journal article

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The genetics of migraine and the path to precision medicine.


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A causal role for TRESK loss of function in migraine mechanisms.

Journal article

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IHC 2019 Author index

Conference paper

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The Role of TRESK in Discrete Sensory Neuron Populations and Somatosensory Processing

Journal article

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Proteolytic shedding of the prion protein via activation of metallopeptidase ADAM10 reduces cellular binding and toxicity of amyloid-β oligomers.

Journal article

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