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Multiplexed Echo Planar Imaging for Sub-Second Whole Brain FMRI and Fast Diffusion Imaging

Journal article

Feinberg DA. et al, (2010), PLoS ONE, 5, e15710 - e15710

Connectivity-based parcellation of grey matter


behrens T. et al, (2010), Diffusion MRI

Evaluation of hippocampal segmentation methods for healthy and pathological subjects

Journal article

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Separate value comparison and learning mechanisms in macaque medial and lateral orbitofrontal cortex

Journal article

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Corpus callosum involvement is a consistent feature of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Journal article

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A general framework for the analysis of vessel encoded arterial spin labeling for vascular territory mapping

Journal article

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Genetics of microstructure of cerebral white matter using diffusion tensor imaging

Journal article

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PATH44 Corpus callosum diffusion tensor imaging as a biomarker for motor neurone disease

Conference paper

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POD02 Predicting brain atrophy at 1 year by baseline multimodal MRI data

Conference paper

Tarunya A. et al, (2010), Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 81, e42 - e42

50 ideas to change science: Artificial life


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Simulating the effects of time-varying magnetic fields with a realistic simulated scanner

Journal article

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Vessel-encoded dynamic magnetic resonance angiography using arterial spin labeling

Journal article

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Conference paper

Bilderbeck AC. et al, (2010), JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 24, A40 - A40

A prefrontal non-opioid mechanism in placebo analgesia

Journal article

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Age-related changes in grey and white matter structure throughout adulthood

Journal article

Giorgio A. et al, (2010), NeuroImage, 51, 943 - 951

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