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Efficient γ-aminobutyric acid editing at 3T without macromolecule contamination: MEGA-SPECIAL

Journal article

Near J. et al, (2011), NMR in Biomedicine, 24, 1277 - 1285

Social Network Size Affects Neural Circuits in Macaques

Journal article

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Acid-sensing ion channel 1 blockade preserves brain microstructural integrity in patients with multiple sclerosis


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BOLD Contrast and Noise Characteristics of Densely Sampled Multi-Echo fMRI Data

Journal article

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Motor Practice Promotes Increased Activity in Brain Regions Structurally Disconnected After Subcortical Stroke

Journal article

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Tractography: Where Do We Go from Here?

Journal article

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Spin-history artifact during functional MRI: Potential for adaptive correction.

Journal article

Yancey SE. et al, (2011), Med Phys, 38, 4634 - 4646

Spin-history artifact during functional MRI: Potential for adaptive correction

Journal article

Yancey SE. et al, (2011), Medical Physics, 38, 4634 - 4646

Diffusion imaging of whole, post-mortem human brains on a clinical MRI scanner

Journal article

Miller KL. et al, (2011), NeuroImage, 57, 167 - 181


Journal article

(2011), Journal of Neurophysiology, 105, 3114 - 3114

Intracranial Hemodynamics Is Altered by Carotid Artery Disease and After Endarterectomy

Journal article

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Partial volume correction of multiple inversion time arterial spin labeling MRI data

Journal article

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Multiecho coarse voxel acquisition for neurofeedback fMRI

Journal article

Kuo AY-C. et al, (2011), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 65, 715 - 724


Journal article

(2011), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 65, 900 - 900

Structural and functional bases for individual differences in motor learning

Journal article

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Steady-state MRI: methods for neuroimaging


Miller KL. et al, (2011), Imaging in Medicine, 3, 93 - 105

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