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Watch talks and listen to interviews with Plasticity researchers


Future Makers, S4E1 Listen to this podcast in which Heidi Johansen-Berg and Jenny Clarke discuss brain injury and rehabilitation with Belinda Lennox (2023)
Sleep After Stroke Watch an update on sleep after stroke research (2022)
Neurotales Listen to Morgan Mitchell discus her journey in neuroscience and DPhil project (2022)
Your Amazing Brain Live Experiment Watch Barbara Robinson take part in a brain scan experiment designed by primary school children (2022)
Sleep After Stroke Watch Tom Smejka present studies on sleep and stroke recovery (2020)

The Learning Brain

Watch this Facebook Live Session in which Heidi Johansen-Berg and other WIN researchers discuss how the brain learns (2019)
Does exercise make our brains work better? Watch this Facebook Live Session with Heidi Johansen-Berg (2018) 
Watching the brain change Listen to this talk by Heidi Johansen-Berg (2015)
BBC Radio 4 'Science of the Mind' Listen to Heidi Johansen-Berg talk about the brain's ability to change with Andrew Marr (2014)
Remodelling the brain Oxford BRC lecture by Heidi Johansen-Berg (2013)
The Olympic Brain Watch public dialogue between Semir Zeki and Heidi Johansen-Berg discussing “Olympian Minds: can we train our brain for success in sports and other fields?" (2012)
Rewiring the human brain with training Listen to this podcast interview for Neuroimage (2010)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Listen to this MRC Podcast on MRI (2010)


For more videos from the wider Neuroplastics Network click here