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Epilepsy affects over 50 million people across the world. 80% of these people live in low to middle income countries. There is a very high rate of epilepsy in Africa, where misunderstanding and stigma lead to limited diagnoses and treatment.

Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa (EPINA) is a research team based in Oxford that has partnered with leading institutions in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. Working in these countries, EPINA aims to:

  1. better understand the impact of stigma on people with epilepsy
  2. improve epilepsy knowledge to improve help-seeking and treatment
  3. develop an app to help healthcare workers to diagnose epilepsy
  4. develop portable electroencephalograms to diagnose epilepsy in rural settings
  5. improve medication adherence through text messaging.

EPINA could dramatically change the lives of people with epilepsy in sub Saharan Africa. If successful, we will use our knowledge to ensure that similar work is carried out across other low and middle-income countries.

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