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Training, outreach and public engagement are important aspects of the SCNi. To achieve this we aim to:

  1. establish and develop a recruitment database and web-based resources. These can serve as portals for recruitment (and on-line testing) of subjects interested in participating in the research programs, but also for education and information about circadian neuroscience and sleep;
  2. develop and disseminate psychoeducational interventions in these areas, for self- or clinician-facilitated delivery to vulnerable groups and patients;
  3. enhance public engagement and knowledge about sleep and circadian disturbances, their health implications, their treatment and prevention;
  4. provide a centre and focus for clinical training and translation of advances in sleep and circadian neuroscience, with particular regard to psychiatric disorders. 

Keep an eye on our news and events section to see what's on and what events are coming up near you!

Public Lectures