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FMRIB Centre

Supervisor to DPhil students (see separate list of students)

Supervision of MPhys student projects (see separate list of students)

Supervision of overseas internship students (see separate list of students)

Various lectures provided annually as part of the FMRIB Centre Graduate Training Programme

University of Oxford

Provided annual imaging lectures for Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Programme (2002-2007)

College Supervisor to various students, Wolfson College 2000-2003; University College 2003-Present.

Vivas Performed

Oxford Transfer Vivas: 

  • Ron Heal (2003)
  • Teddy Tjandra (2004)
  • Nurunisa Neyzi (2006)
  • Sarah Carrington (2006)
  • Kyle Pattinson (2007)
  • Marie Schroeder (2007)
  • Matthew Taylor (2007)
  • Way Cherng Chen (2011)

Oxford DPhil Vivas: 

  • Carsten Liess (1999)
  • Stuart Grieve (2000)
  • Matthew Taylor (2009)

External PhD Vivas: 

  • Joni Oja (University of Kupio, Finland, 1999)
  • Carsten Liess (University of Oxford, 1999)
  • Stuart Grieve (University of Oxford, 2000)
  • Marc Miquel (University of Cambridge, 2000)
  • Andreas Bartels (UCL, 2001)
  • Damian Tyler (University of Nottingham, 2002)
  • Laura Parkes (UCL, 2002)
  • Stefan Skare (Karolinska Institute, Sweden, 2002)
  • Donald Tournier (UCL, 2003)
  • Anastasios Anastasiou (University of Cambridge, 2003)
  • Kuan Jin Lee (University of Sheffield, 2003)
  • Aneurin James Kennerley (University of Sheffield, 2006)
  • Pasi Tuunanen (University of Kupio, Finland, 2006)
  • Jonathan Alan Goodwin (University of Liverpool, 2009)
  • Sam Wharton (University of Nottingham, 2011)

Outside Teaching

Lead editor on OUP textbook on functional MRI ("Functional MRI: An Introduction to Methods", Edited by P. Jezzard, P.M. Matthews and S.M. Smith, Oxford University Press, Oxford (2001)

Member of Education Committee of International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2002-2005)

Organised various teaching sessions for ISMRM, including:

  • Morning Categorical Course, "FMRI in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment: Special Issues in fMRI of the Diseased Brain", 2000 ISMRM Meeting, Denver, USA
  • Morning Categorical Course, "FMRI: What Can We measure?", 2001 ISMRM Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Weekend Educational Course, "Brain Function and fMRI", 2003 ISMRM Meeting, Toronto, Canada
  • Weekend Educational Course, "Brain Function and fMRI", 2004 ISMRM Meeting, Kyoto, Japan
  • Weekend Educational Course, "Current Debates and Recent Advances in Functional MRI", 2005 ISMRM Meeting, Miami Beach, USA

Local and Lead Organizer, ESMRMB Lectures on Magnetic Resonance course on "Current Concepts in Perfusion and DCE MRI", Oxford, September 20th-22nd 2011