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Anna Rudenko

Research Sister

Anna's interest in research began in 2004, when she was an ophthalmic ward nurse, with the development and implementation of a pain assessment tool specifically for the use in Ophthalmology. This interest progressed to her becoming a research nurse, only the second research nurse to be appointed at the Oxford Eye Hospital. Most of Anna’s research at that time was looking at Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This has now expanded into Gene Therapy related trials working with Professor MacLaren and his team.

Having gained a research management qualification in 2013, Anna now works as Research Sister for the Eye Research Group Oxford (ERGO) where she coordinates numerous studies across all aspects of ophthalmology.  With 20 years of NHS experience, Anna is well qualified to support everyone from her junior colleagues to consultants commencing new studies, and is dedicated to being part of a progressive innovative research team.


Previously involved in: Tesola study.

Currently involved in the following projects:

Gene therapy phase I

NIGHT observational study for Choroideremia

REGENERATE (phase II gene therapy)

STAR (phase III gene therapy)