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Ben Seymour


Professor of Clinical Neuroscience

  • Wellcome Senior Fellow
  • Consultant Neurologist
  • Turing Fellow

Pain and aversive learning, with a focus on computational neuroscience and neurotechnology

Pain and aversive learning

My lab addresses the computational and systems neuroscience of pain. This research is part theoretical: building realistic models of neuronal information processes to understand processes of pain perception and behaviour, and part experimental: testing these theories using a range of experimental methodologies, especially fMRI. My research aims to develop new technology-based therapies for treating pain in clinical populations.

I am a Wellcome Senior Clinical Fellow at Oxford University, working jointly at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging and the Oxford Institute for Biomedical Engineering; and a visiting researcher at ATR labs (Kyoto). I am a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute with an interest in safe AI control systems. I am also an honorary consultant neurologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust with an interest in behavioural homeostasis and sleep, pain and fatigue neurology.