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Jasmine Reese

DPhil Student

  • MRC DTP iCASE DPhil student partnered with Bruker

Jasmine is a DPhil candidate in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford, funded by an iCASE fellowship with the MRC DTP and her industrial partner Bruker. She is co-supervised by Professor Olaf Ansorge and Professor Roman Fischer.

Her interests lie in utilising innovative technologies to understand the human brain in health and disease. For her DPhil, she is working on optimising and integrating protocols to unravel the lipidomics of the human brain using various mass spectrometry techniques, including MALDI Imaging, to resolve cellular-, regional-, and disease-specific molecular pathways in their spatial context. Specifically, her DPhil is focused on deciphering the lipid profiles of Betz and Purkinje cells in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to better understand the role that cellular selective vulnerability may play in the development and progression of the disease. 

Jasmine graduated with a First Class Integrated Masters degree from Cardiff University in 2020 where she completed her Masters in Dr Owen Peters lab in the Dementia Research Institute, and her undergraduate thesis with Professor Nick Allen. She also worked in the labs of Dr Tatyana Shelkovnikova and Professor Tim Jacobs during her undergraduate degree.